Translates Fantasy Diary of 'Das i' in Tokyo

um, i mean Das i-the german photographer- who photographs Pixelated Rainbow Unicorn-bot Floating thru a Rendering Blue Sky of Puffy Fractaling Clouds and other fictional images created by fictional characters in fictional settings with fictional drama. it aint real.

After the March 11th Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, I went to the devastated area as a translator. A fictional account of that adventure is available here:

#@#@# cut cut cut!!!

No! You can’t film this level of beauty without consent!!

The 4 children played in absolute freedom on the train.

You can’t pay me enough to interfere.

Beauty can’t even begin to be described. The value of life is so taken for granted.

But I, the famous director EnRight TenSai, will not film the unfilmable.

I will not film without consent.

Then you must pay actors! Said the Deputy Sheriff of the Inquisition Logical Constancy.

To behave how I want them to behave! Yes! Money is permission!!!

Well, your story sounds good to me. Let him go.

The drones released the director.

The monitor sat in her room. It was still there.

The breathed deep.

Then exhaled.

Then smiled.

  • 25 June 2013